• Art & Culture

    Athel | Glimpse Into Legendary Poet’s Tale

    Buried in the sands of time across the Arab world is centuries of rich and fascinating history that not many of the current dwellers of the region have much knowledge about and the movie “Athel” [...]
  • Environment

    10 Pros and Cons of Vaping, you may Need to know

    Introduction: You will find multiple views, perspectives and opinions regarding vaping. There are people who will only highlight the benefits one can avail from vaping while there are people who only focus on it hazardous [...]
  • Decor

    How To Choose The Perfect Picture Frame

    Once you’ve selected a beautiful photo for print, the next step is to choose the right frame—one that enhances your photo and transforms it into true artwork. The good news is choosing a picture frame [...]
  • Environment

    Best Cleaning Tips to Follow In The UAE

    UAE is a tropical land. The heat and the dust outside may affect your property. Here, we show you the best cleaning tips to follow while living in the UAE. #1 Organize a cleaning schedule [...]
  • Art & Culture

    Berklee College of Music

    The Department of Culture and Tourism- Abu Dhabi, introduces the first Middle East outpost of Berklee College of Music: the preeminent institute of contemporary music and the performing arts. Berklee Abu Dhabi offers world-class educational [...]

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