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Quinn Emanuel is a prestigious global law firm established by John Quinn in 1986. The firm boasts of over 1100 lawyers spread across 35 offices in 11 countries, and has an impressive annual revenue of $2 billion. John Quinn, the chairman of Quinn Emanuel, is a renowned trial lawyer and has represented high-profile clients such as Elon Musk and Jay-Z.

John Quinn visited the UAE from 17 – 27 October to celebrate the opening of two new offices. New hires Joanne Strain and Parnika Chaturvedi accompaned him. According to him, the UAE is one of the most dynamic and fast-growing economies in the world, and he wants to connect with clients and lawyers and learn from the community.

During an exclusive interview with John Quinn, we had the opportunity to inquire about his company’s anticipated role in UAE and the GCC. Here are some of the responses he provided:

What motivated Quinn Emanuel to expand its presence in the UAE by establishing two new offices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and what are the firm’s objectives with this strategic move?

The UAE is one of the most dynamic, energized places on earth. The pace of change and openness to innovation are without parallel. Quinn Emanuel has been doing work in the region for many years.

The growth of that work, in sync with the burgeoning local economy, and our ability to recruit outstanding local talent, led us to open these offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. These cities have become vital hubs for the global business community. As dispute resolution lawyers, our mission is to significantly contribute to the efficient resolution of legal matters and disputes in this region.

How does Quinn Emanuel plan to navigate the diverse legal and regulatory systems across the UAE’s jurisdictions, and what specific areas of litigation is the firm known for in the region?

Our work in the region spans almost every type of business dispute, from competition to intellectual property, breach of contract, regulatory issues, and sports—all areas of business disputes. We have a lot of experience with various dispute resolution forums, including the DIFC and the ADGM. We intend to build a team of local practitioners with extensive local expertise and support them with Quinn Emanuel’s 1000-lawyer global network.

Could you discuss some of the notable cases Quinn Emanuel has been involved in representing sovereign wealth funds in the UAE, and how will the firm’s arrival in the UAE contribute to addressing global issues and disputes related to the region?

It is public information that we represented Mubadala in an action in London against Goldman Sachs pertaining to 1MDB. Many of our representations for UAE sovereign wealth funds are not public and remain confidential.

What is Quinn Emanuel’s perception of the maturity of the local disputes market in the UAE, and how does the firm plan to contribute to the growth and sophistication of the local legal community?

With the continuous influx of global talent and businesses, combined with the robust growth of the local economy, the local disputes market has become very mature in our view. We intend to bring to bear on UAE matters all the talent from our 1000-lawyer global network to help solve problems for clients. As we have done everywhere we practice, we want to develop good relations with local firms so we can partner with them and involve them in conflict situations.

In conclusion, Quinn Emanuel’s expansion to expand into Abu Dhabi is a clear indication of the increasing significance of the region in the global economy, and Quinn Emanuel’s move is a testament to that. Under John Quinn’s leadership, the firm is well-positioned to have a significant impact on the legal landscape of the area.

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