Abu Dhabi Magazine is a fully local platform that connects the residents, visitors and brands with what’s happening in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi Magazine is the result of the efforts of Yousif Al Katheeri a prominent Abu Dhabi personality who with his love and dedication to Abu Dhabi has built up a huge following across his social media channels.

Yousif has over 108,000 followers on his Abu Dhabi Magazine Instagram, from the royal family to average residents and major brands everyone loves his content and passion.

With Abu Dhabi Magazine we aim to connect businesses and brands with our audience and showcase what’s happening in Abu Dhabi to our followers.

Be it news or restaurant reviews, Staycations, things to do, flights to book, stuff to buy. Abu Dhabi Magazine is your one stop for everything lifestyle in Abu Dhabi.

This is a continuing work in progress with more stuff coming on daily, special offers exclusive to our channels and much more.

Take your brand to the next level and reach Abu Dhabi fans in a stylish way.

Join our journey, Live life. The Capital Style.