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This World Music Day, Abu Dhabi celebrates the power of music and its ability to unite people across cultures. ‏

Music unites people, irrespective of their cultural, linguistic, or social differences, it can capture the essence of a moment, evoke emotions, and even spark social change. On June 21, we observe World Music Day to celebrate the impact of music, which is a universal language, on our lives.

City of Music

The UNESCO Creative City Network designated Abu Dhabi as the “City of Music” in 2021, reinforcing its position as the home of a resilient and growing music ecosystem built on innovation, collaboration, and shared governance.

World Music Day

Today, in celebration of the ‘World Music Day’, Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism released a short video that showcases the diversity of musical instruments and styles from UAE and different international cultures.

The Emirati Rababa greets the European Cello. The Arabian Oud speaks to the Indian Sitar. You are in Abu Dhabi, the City Of Music.

The World Music Day is a celebration of music’s power to unite and inspire us. Live or recorded music can make us feel emotions and connect us to others and the world.

In Abu Dhabi, music is important for sharing culture and creativity and making society more diverse and peaceful.

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