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Climate change weather from hot to cold or vice versa does lead to many respiratory problems. Climate change pronouncedly increases water and air pollution which in turn aggravate chronic respiratory diseases like asthma and bronchitis.

Dry air can lead to irritation in the airways of people suffering from lung disease leading to enhanced coughing and shortness of breath. Humid and hot weather can also make your breathing problems worse.

Sudden changes in weather are basically challenging your immune and musculoskeletal system. Unfortunately, these sudden weather changes give a difficult time for our bodies to adapt to the change and end up as a trigger to an illness.

Since COVID 19 outbreak, respiratory issues have been on a rising world over, however here are a few steps you can take to avoid some of the respiratory risks:

Mask Up:

Wear a mask at all possible times and very importantly maintain Social Distancing. Follow the very basic respiratory hygiene protocols like washing hands as regularly as you can and covering your mouth while sneezing or coughing. If at all you feel sick abstain from work and get yourself diagnosed at the earliest and further take all measures as suggested. Very importantly, get yourself vaccinated.

Do Not Smoke:

It greatly increases the risks of respiratory diseases, more so complications and infections that smoking causes. For your information smoking is the leading cause of preventable death. If you smoke it is high time to quit as it leads to fatal diseases like lung cancer.

Adopt a Healthy Living Style:

Regular exercise and physical activity each day go a long way in protecting your body from respiratory problems. Get enough sound sleep every night. Consciously work towards having a well balanced and nutritious diet. Get your regular health check-ups scheduled for early detections.

Improve Air Quality

Take whatever steps you can to improve the air quality of your home. This takes more significance in the fact that more and more people are having to work from home seeing the current scenario.

Vacuum, dust and clean your home regularly. If you have an Air Purifier then have the filter changed at least once every 3 months

Safety first:

While thinking of safety think of others too when thinking of protection from respiratory, contagious disease, to take every measure possible to avoid spreading the same.

Work and stay in properly ventilated spaces and take care of using whatever safety equipment you are provided with such as masks, gloves etc; First and foremost you have to take care of yourself so that this contagious disease is not carried to others by you.

Stay safe and stay healthy.

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