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Festival X and UAE Universities Showcase Creative Artworks at Ars Electronica Campus Exhibition

Festival X, an interdisciplinary platform based in Dubai, partnered with Ars Electronica and three UAE-based universities, including New York University Abu Dhabi, American University of Sharjah, and Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation, to feature their creative artworks at this year’s Ars Electronica Campus Exhibition. The event, held until Sept. 10 in POSTCITY, Linz, Austria, showcases the works of UAE students and highlights emerging artists and youth from the UAE and the region on the international stage, in addition to empowering them.

According to Amin Davaei, Co-founder and Director of Festival X, their ethos is “empowering and fostering youth, bringing individuals together, and creating a collaborative and sustainable community that thrives on dynamic growth and collective impact.” The event serves as an excellent opportunity for artists to prepare for future scenarios, encompassing not only the presentation aspect but also the entire exhibition process, including preparation, setup, mediation, and dismantling.

The participants from the UAE at this year’s event include Zlatan Filipović, Associate Professor, Art and Design Department, College of Architecture at American University of Sharjah, Sahar Baniabbasi, Salma Ibrahim, Tasneem Abdel Fattah from American University of Sharjah, Michael Ang, Assistant Professor of Practice of Interactive Media, NYU Abu Dhabi, Sarah Al-Yahya, Dhabia AlMansoori, and Joseph Hong from NYU Abu Dhabi, and Joanne Hayek, Assistant Professor at DIDI and Mirko Daneluzzo, architect and Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer of Nyxo ltd, along with students Areeba Shahid, Aaliyah Mohammed, Rand Kachlan, Shamma Al Shamsi, Kaya Tueni, Suad Alfardan, and Ahmad Saleh. They are presenting fully developed installations as well as concepts that will be presented as videos, installations involving works covering themes such as culture and the environment.

Ars Electronica Festival: A Heritage of Over Four Decades

Ars Electronica Festival has a heritage of over four decades and attracts nearly 100,000 visitors each year, as well as hundreds of artists from around the globe, making it one of the main key events in the new media arts community.

The Ars Electronica Campus has brought together 56 universities this year, serving as a platform for educational institutions worldwide to showcase their work and establish or reinforce networks for future projects and collaborations. This gathering of diverse schools from various countries and fields within the confines of Campus offers a unique opportunity to gain insights into the array of innovative ideas and perspectives emerging from the upcoming generation of media artists.

Ars Electronica Campus also serves as an invaluable source of inspiration and a mind-expanding experience for students and professors. It allows them to observe the work of their peers while presenting their own achievements.

One of the unique features of the Campus Exhibition is that it has no designated info-trainers responsible for mediation. Instead, students and scholars take on the dual role of providing information and actively engaging in discussions and reflections regarding the displayed content.

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