A hand-crafted masterpiece that complements the main prayer hall’s artistic details

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque’s main prayer hall houses the world’s largest carpet, a unique masterpiece with dazzling beauty and design. The carpet was hand-knotted by a group of the world’s most skilled artists and weavers.  

The wool and cotton carpet was hand-crafted by around 1,200 artisans. It is 5,400 square meters, with 40 knots per 6.5 centimeters and a total of 2.5 billion knots for the entire carpet, weighing 35 tons after completion. Despite its enormous size, the carpet was designed as a single piece, which qualified it for Guinness Book of Records in 2017, as the largest carpet in the world. Its knotting took approximately 12 months. 

SZGM Carpet 2

With unique harmony and integration of aesthetic elements, the carpet covers the floor of the main prayer hall and magnifies its splendor. The hand-woven carpet has an astonishing design, looking like a reflection of the above chandelier. To maintain the beauty of the design, a shaving technique was used to define the rows of worshipers on the carpet. Its background features a variety of 25 natural colors from traditional herbs, including local madar roots, pomegranate peels, leaf veins, and others. The carpet is predominately green, bringing a sense of calm and comfort to the place. 

The weaving of the carpet took place in 3 large workshops on a built-up area of ​​5,000 square meters. The carpet’s high-quality materials and colors, as well as creative design, make it one of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque’s finest elements. It is carefully supervised by Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre, with its maintenance work taking more than 12 days according to thoughtful plans by specialized teams. 

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