Downpour at the Mussafah Industrial area. in Abu Dhabi. Vctor Besa / The National

The state of instability in weather conditions ended, after we lived through beautiful and magical days during the rain of goodness for 4 days, after the country and the region were affected by the extension of a surface depression from the southwest, coinciding with the extension of an air depression and a western air current in the upper layers of the atmosphere that led to the movement of cloud formations Different from the west towards the state, in the form of successive waves, which led to rain that many expected, and they prayed that God would bestow upon us with it, with what it bears of good for people, agriculture and the land.

The municipalities and the competent authorities in the country succeeded in the test, and were able to mitigate the effects of the rain, and we did not witness heavy water gatherings in the regions, neighborhoods and streets, which made everyone enjoy during the past days the beginning of the winter season in the country, which we hope will be continued by the competent authorities.
Some people, unfortunately, like to drive their vehicles recklessly during the rain, which resulted in accidents that we can describe as light, as they did not leave injuries or deaths, thank God.

These some ignore the warnings of the National Center of Meteorology, as the center often called on drivers to exercise caution and caution. While driving their vehicles during rain, these warnings are due to the lack of horizontal visibility, due to rain and winds that raise dust and dirt, and this matter was observed in a number of main and highway streets, especially Mohammed bin Zayed Street.

The weather situation ended with a catastrophe that befell the family of a citizen yesterday in Ras Al Khaimah, where a 13-year-old child and his father, 39, died by drowning in a water hole in Wadi Shahah, where the child drowned inside the hole, which was filled with rainwater, and when his father came to save him, He was unable to do so, and they died by drowning in the hole, and we can only have mercy on them, but we recall the advice that the National Center of Meteorology used to give during the rains, the most important of which is to stay away from places where water collects and flows through valleys.

The season, as we said, is still in its infancy, which means that we will witness, God willing, good rains falling in separate areas in the country, so everyone is requested to listen to the advice issued by the competent authorities, and be careful when driving their vehicles, and not approach the places where valleys and torrents flow, in order to ensure safety. Everyone’s safety to enjoy the season without any major mishaps.

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