From beef bourguignon to the delicate chocolate souffle, the French do it just right! With an internationally renowned cuisine, French dishes are famous for their rich and juicy flavours. Their tradition is to start with some bread and cheese while enjoying a spectacular view of the Eiffel Tower. And now you can savour the taste of Paris right in the heart of UAE! With a breath-taking coast view of Abu Dhabi corniche to the astonishing scenery of the Burj Khalifa, your French dining experience will be like no other! Here are our favourite picks…

Brasserie Angélique

Brasserie Angélique offers a fine, luxurious dining experience that you will never forget. With a variety of authentic French dishes that divide into a five-course tasting menu, you will not miss a single flavour. And the best part? You will enjoy a great food presentation with the top chefs who pay attention to all details!

Location: Etihad Towers, Abu Dhabi

Price: Dh380

Bord Eau

This restaurant captures the traditional themes of the French cuisine, with an elegant setting and a refined interior. The restaurant offers a fine collection of French traditions like onion soup and foie gras. While the decorations of degas ballerinas give it a unique theme, it still holds the originality of the French fare.

Location: Shangri-La Hotel, Abu Dhabi

Price: Dh510

Bistro Des Arts

Nestled at the edge of Dubai Marina, with a comforting terrace that capture the warm summer vibes, Bistro Des Arts is a great place for catching up with friends while enjoying a soothing intimate setting of white and red hues. It also provides great deals for a three-course meal that you can pick at affordable prices. For all French foodies, this Parisian style place is for you!

Location: Dubai Marina

Price: Dh355


The French Middle Eastern vibes at Carine are just brilliant! From burrata to lobster linguini, their menu is flawless. The restaurant has simple decoration with a hint of modern design that suits all tastes. With giant windows that go from floor to ceiling, you will feel like you are having breakfast on a quaint street in Paris. It’s best to go to Carine during daylight to enjoy gorgeous views.

Location: Emirates Hills, Dubai

Price: Dh530

Bistrot Bagatelle

With a cozy ambience, Bagatelle will surely be on top of your list! Decorated with royal blue velvet sofas and off-white walls that create a perfect match of elegance and luxury. The menu is uniquely made of signature dishes that include home-made gnocchi sprinkled with Parmesan cheese and flavourful truffle roasted chicken.

Location: Fairmont, Dubai

Price: Dh800


With an extravagant setting and first-class dishes, this restaurant is certainly memorable. Etoiles is located at Emirates Palace, one of the fanciest hotels in Abu Dhabi that treats guests like royals! With top picks of French classics like crème brûlée and the liver plate, you will be transported to the heart of Paris within seconds!

Location: Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi

Price: Dh400

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