It is the future vision.

It’s the time where you have to imagine how future cars will look like.

It’s now where you have to think about the environment and how shape will be the 0-emissions, Eco-friendly cars.



When you talk about the green cars, you have to understand that there’s two ways for it: whether you select a normal green electric car with no much options, or you choose the one that makes you distinguished.

Tesla Model 3 cars are seen as Tesla holds an event at the factory handing over its first 30 Model 3 vehicles to employee buyers at the company’s Fremont facility in California

Here we go for the TESLA 3, 2020 model. The car which already sets on the top of the best selling electric cars in 2020 after it defeated the Nissan Leaf!

Just take a minute and think about it: How many Tesla 3 cars are on the road when you drive daily? you won’t count more than 5! Just feel it, you’re special and all eyes will be on you.


The special thing in Tesla cars is, they don’t only care about how green the car will go, but also how luxury and sharp it will look!

The sharp edges of the exterior body of the car represents a smooth flow of the aerodynamics where the air resistance goes to the minimum.


A powerful strong electric motor that gives 258 hp for the short range and 346 hp-to-450 hp in the long AWD range. A figure that you could feel how big it is when we talk about an electric car.


The car is provided with complete safety precautions such as a rigid structure to balance the car on high speed, a very-low rollover risk to maintain additional safety and an impact protection just in case of accidents or serious impacts.

The short range comes with 17” tires while the long range comes with 20” tires.


The car is provided with 12 infra red sensors and 360 degrees cameras all around the circumference of the car to feel and sense every thing goes around it allowing the autopilot driving mode to illustrate all the area and the environment while driving in a very smart way in the 15” screen provided inside and in-front of the driver.


The car also records everything happening around it even when you park the car and get up to your house. That safety mode is called: The sentry mode! So, you don’t have to worry about any robbery or any offended action towards your car.

That beautiful strong car can go from 0-100 kph in just 5.4 seconds for the short range and the long range can reach it in 3.4 seconds only!


If we talked about the beautiful interiors, the interior luxury design represented in  the ebony wooden tableau, the carbon fiber steering wheel, the 15” display touch screen, full panorama top opening and the CFD-computerized flow dynamics AC controls.

You’ll see no buttons, everything is touch-screen handling!

When you go for re-charging your car, it will only take  12-14 hours to fully recharge the car and guess what? in Abu Dhabi Masdar City you can recharge your Tesla whenever you want for cost!!

You can find the location of the station through the link:

Supercharging Stations in Masdar City


Finally, the short range price in the UAE market comes in 160,000 AED only and 220,000 AED for the long range.

So, if you keen about the future and if you want to go green, then its your time and that’s the optimum choice for now!

You can also find the car driving experience cruising Abu Dhabi streets in the following link:

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