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Statistics Centre – Abu Dhabi Launches Fifth Cycle of Statistical Maturity Index Project

The Statistics Centre – Abu Dhabi (SCAD) has initiated the fifth cycle of the Statistical Maturity Index (SMI) project, aimed at evaluating the capabilities of government entities in Abu Dhabi to produce and disseminate statistics that adhere to SCAD’s approved methodologies and standards. The SMI serves as a crucial tool in ensuring the quality and reliability of official statistics generated by these entities. During the launch event for the fifth cycle, SCAD recognized and awarded 28 government entities for their accomplishments during the fourth cycle of the SMI project. This recognition highlights the significant progress made by these entities in utilizing reliable statistics and insights to make informed decisions and policies.

Commitment to Data-Driven Decision Making

His Excellency Abdulla Gharib Alqemzi, Acting Director General of SCAD, emphasized the importance of the statistical maturity levels achieved by the participating entities, stating that it reflects the government’s dedication to harnessing the power of data for decision-making purposes. Aligned with Abu Dhabi Government’s efforts to enhance key sectors, such as the knowledge-based economy, the SMI project plays a vital role in fostering collaboration between government entities and enabling decision-makers through an advanced statistical ecosystem. The project not only promotes compliance with laws and regulations but also ensures adherence to international standards and best practices for data quality.

Driving Improvement and Ensuring Data Quality

As part of the SMI project, participating entities attended a workshop conducted by SCAD, where they were introduced to the evaluation criteria and methodologies for the fifth cycle. The evaluation process is based on two main criteria: compliance with laws and regulations to build statistical capabilities and produce indicators, and commitment to the highest quality standards aligned with international benchmarks. By identifying areas for improvement through the index, government entities can enhance their statistical maturity levels and contribute to the overall quality and reliability of official statistics in Abu Dhabi. This initiative reinforces the government’s commitment to data-driven decision making and empowers policymakers with accurate insights.

To learn more about the Statistical Maturity Index (SMI) project and its impact on Abu Dhabi’s official statistics, visit the Statistics Centre – Abu Dhabi website.

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