More than 1 million and 260 thousand visitors in 6 months

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque kept abreast of the major global events in the UAE during the past six months. The most notable of those was the “Expo 2020 Dubai” worldwide event and the international events that coincided with it, including the FIFA Club World Cup UAE 2021, the 5th edition of the UMEX SimTEX Conference, the inaugural International Defense Industry, Technology, and Security Conference (IDITSC), the Global Goals Week held in cooperation with the United Nations, the Food For Future Summit, and the Space Week, which all witnessed a remarkable influx of visitors from different regions and cultures of the world. The total number of visits to the mosque from October 2021 until the end of March 2022 topped more than 1 million and 260 thousand worshippers and visitors.

The high-level delegation visits: The mosque welcomed many visits from heads of state and high-level delegations, which was one of the major stops during their visit to the state. The total number of delegations received reached 2,452 from various countries, including heads of state, foreign ministers, ministers, ambassadors, consuls, and parliament speakers. During the period, the mosque also received 51 visits from Academic institutions from inside and outside the country, in addition to 293 visitors representing various international media outlets and news agencies, including Argentine TV, Ecuador, and Luxembourg, during which it witnessed a live broadcast from the mosque on the official Brazilian TV; who all highlighted the mosque’s unique aesthetics and values ​​of peace and coexistence in their different languages across their mediums. The number of worshippers during the same period reached more than 228,000.

To keep pace with these events, the Centre formulated a set of integrated, proactive plans and mechanisms according to the highest standards to ensure the broad segment of multinational guests visiting the UAE receive a rich and integrated visitor experience that embodies the mosque’s message by carrying out all preparations ahead of time. The Centre developed specialized task forces out of its keens to provide the highest levels of services to visitors, including specialized work teams to manage the reservations of different delegations accurately and quickly around the clock.

In addition, it doubled the cultural tour specialists’ work teams at the Centre and also the work teams of the Emirati part-time cultural tour specialists, who attended various training programs organized by the Centre to refine their skills and empower them in the field of cultural tour guidance and enable them to proudly represent a bright image of their homeland, through the cultural tours they provided to the mosque’s visitors from all walks of life. At the same time, 2,596 guided cultural tours were delivered at the mosque in four languages: Arabic, English, Spanish and Korean. Besides, the tour Operators’ reservations reached 13,667, including 193,501 visitors. The cultural tours at the mosque revolved around promoting its message and core values of coexistence, tolerance, and peace, seeking to extend bridges of cross-cultural communication amongst humanity. The tours also briefed delegations and visitors about the aesthetics of Islamic art and architecture, which manifests in every detail of the mosque and the various messages it mirrors.

The increasing influx of visitors of diverse cultures to the mosque contributed to spreading the message of coexistence, tolerance, and peace from the Emirates to the world on a wide scale. It’s a message that emanates from the values ​​of the late founding father, which the wise leadership has always been keen on promoting and spreading across various fields.

Furthermore, the mosque being a national religious, cultural, and tourist landmark, it was present throughout Expo 2020 Al Wasl Dome, which offered visitors the opportunity to admire the mosque’s unique architecture and aesthetic details that were displayed daily during the airing of the Isha call to prayer at the Dome.

It is worth mentioning that Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center, under the Ministry of Presidential Affairs, is sponsored and followed up by HH Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs.

It was established to become a leading cultural center and hub that enriches the UAE’s intellectual movement stemming from deeply rooted cultural and national values. While it also reflects concepts deeply rooted by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan in the nation’s sentiment. They also constitute an extension of the Islamic religion’s preaching and the core values that form the UAE’s national identity.

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