An e-scooter rider along the Corniche during sunset. Victor Besa/The National.

Electric scooters with seats have been banned in Abu Dhabi.

The Integrated Transport Centre said only two-wheelers that are operated while standing are allowed from now on.

It said scooters with seats are prohibited, showing three different types — one with a basket on front, an e-scooter with a seat and an ordinary seated scooter.

The ban came amid concerns about modifications to two-wheelers, which can reach 30 kilometres an hour. Fitting seats and chunky wheels to the bikes has become common.

Officials said having a low seat on a scooter made for standing up could affect a rider’s balance. The ruling was extended to scooters often used by minimarkets to deliver shopping.

In reply to one social media user on Instagram asking why seated scooters were banned, the ITC said: “An electric scooter doesn’t have a safe seat and does not help to properly balance while driving.”

New rules and regulations covering the use of bicycles and electric bikes were announced in March.

Officials said a bicycle or e-scooter must have only one rider and should use side roads in the absence of a proper cycle path.

“Cyclists and users of micromobility devices can only use the lanes and roads intended for bicycles, and in case there are none in the area they wish to cycle, they must use side roads where the speed limit is usually 20 kilometres per hour,” the ITC said.

“And they must stay on the far right-hand side of the road … and pavements dedicated to the use of bicycles.

“Only one rider can ride a bicycle, scooter or electric bike, using the lanes dedicated to bicycles. Protective helmets must be worn at all times, as well as reflective clothing at night.”

In Dubai, riders must pass an online test designed to highlight the rules of the road. People who hold a valid driving licence are exempt.

Last month, one rider told The National of how she shattered her elbow and required surgery after losing her balance and falling.

Pinky Caballero, a hospital nurse, required surgery and metal rods were inserted into her arm following the accident.

The ITC video shared on social media shows the type of seated scooters that are banned in Abu Dhabi. Image: Screegrab
The ITC video shared on social media shows the type of seated scooters that are banned in Abu Dhabi. Image: Screegrab

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