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SAFEEN Group Launches New Ro-Ro Service to Kuwait Improving Connectivity and Trade

SAFEEN Group, part of AD Ports Group, has celebrated the arrival of the SSF Ania vessel at Shuwaikh Port – Kuwait following the launch of a new Ro-Ro service aimed at improving connectivity and facilitating trade with Kuwait, according to a press statement issued today.

Enhancing Safety and Well-being

The new service offering is designed to eliminate the need for long-haul road journeys, reducing risks associated with road travel, and cutting down on carbon emissions. Truck drivers will receive accommodation on board, allowing them to focus solely on the first and last mile of delivery, enhancing their safety and well-being.

Optimizing Logistics Efficiency

Committed to optimizing logistics efficiency, SAFEEN Group’s new Ro-Ro service directly connects the UAE and Kuwait, eliminating the need for transit through additional borders. This results in a substantial reduction in transit time, enabling swift and efficient operations.

Tailored for Customer Needs

The new Ro-Ro service utilizes the SSF Ania, a vessel fully controlled by SAFEEN Group, which will be tailored to meet the specific needs of customers. It will employ a combination of trucks and trailers, as well as trailers-only transport, for cargo transportation between the UAE and Kuwait with a load capacity of 160 trucks plus 46 cars and a lane capacity of 2,062 meters. In addition to its unique design for Ro-Ro service, the SSF Ania boasts a capacity to carry various other Ro-Ro cargo, including cars, project cargo, as well as high and heavy equipment.

A Greener and More Connected Future

Captain Ammar Al Shaiba, CEO of Maritime Cluster, AD Ports Group said: “We are delighted to announce SAFEEN Group’s launch of the SSF Ania to Shuwaikh Port, which signals a dynamic shift in sustainable and efficient logistics services. Moreover, with the arrival of this vessel, SAFEEN Group ushers in a new era of efficient, secure, and sustainable maritime business between the UAE and Kuwait. Together we are setting a course towards a greener and more connected future.

What does Ro-Ro Service mean?

Ro-Ro Service stands for Roll-on/Roll-off Service, which refers to a method of transportation where vehicles are driven onto a vessel and secured for transport. This type of service is commonly used for transporting cars, trucks, buses, and other wheeled cargo.

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