Taking the portability of projectors to a whole different level, BenQ’s GV30 is designed to deliver a smooth, clear, and bright picture of up to 100 inches. Its battery operation feature and a super simplified set-up process make it worth a closer look, and a try. This is a truly portable projector in every sense possible – it is light, has a convenient carry handle, and can operate on batteries for around 2.5 hours. More important to note is that just because it is small, doesn’t mean it’s fragile – it is designed to be drop-proof from up to 70cm, how cool is that!

GV30 comes with BenQ’s QS01 Android 9.0 HDMI stick, which can be conveniently hidden away inside as it is attached to an internal HDMI socket as well as a USB power source, thus smartly providing built-in access to streaming services. This allows users to enjoy streaming videos wirelessly from phones, tablets and computers using not only the Android stick’s Chromecast but also AirPlay in a super seamless manner. Additionally, there is a side HDMI input that can be used for external video sources, be it a movie player or a gaming console. The GV30 can also double up as a portable Bluetooth speaker for music.

BenQ’s GV30 is not just any other portable projector, it is, in fact, the world’s first mini portable projector with multichannel audio. By ‘multichannel’ BenQ means that stereo is delivered in 2.1, not surround sound, as one may be thinking. The GV30’s almost-circular design is brilliantly functional as it beats a majority of projectors when it comes to positioning. This device comes with a cute little rubber-footed base on which the body attaches firmly using magnetism, to be able to rotate and face in any direction. While BenQ quotes 135 degrees of rotation, it goes beyond 180 degrees in practice!

GV30 also has these little sensors around its lens that deliver impressive auto focus and auto vertical keystone to make sure that the picture is autofocused and auto squared within the limits available. Coming to the brightness on this, the GV30 uses a tiny 0.23-inch DLP digital micromirror device from Texas Instruments, paired with an Osram LED light source, to provide 20-30,000 hours of usage. The wireless projection system on the GV30 is easy to use, but it requires the projector and the sending device to be connected to a Wi-Fi network.

BenQ’s GV30 is hands down one of the neater projectors available in the market. It is great for every environment, be it just shifting it around the home, or taking it on holiday or a picnic. Moreover, the impressive and convenient combination of built-in speakers, Android apps, external inputs, AirPlay and Chromecast wireless streaming makes content playback on this projector easy in more ways than one. Add to it GV30’s magnificent rolling versatility of positioning, along with its auto focus and keystone correction features, and you have a unique design that can make big screen entertainment easy and enjoyable. 

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