The UAE is known for being home to automotive enthusiasts. Petrolheads abound here, and the interest runs the spectrum of the offering, from luxury sedans and dune buggies to city cars, track stars and classic cruisers. There has never been one destination that brings together everything cars — until now.

Rahayel City is the first integrated hub for the automotive industry in the region to accommodate a full range of auto-related businesses and supporting services. The project features showrooms, service centres and workshops, auction houses, and sector-based regulatory and governing bodies.

According to ZonesCorp the new development is also home to a vehicle test track, an inspection facility, and an auto training centre.

Abu Dhabi Ports is continuously working to advance the emirate’s position as a leading regional industrial and trade hub. Working hand-in-hand with key government entities and partners, Abu Dhabi Ports is creating new opportunities for businesses by bringing together various elements of the auto industry and take advantage of Abu Dhabi’s strategic location.

A centralized automotive hub will enable more effective cost-efficiencies and streamlined value chains for automotive enterprises. Proximity to consumer markets is paramount for auto industry investors and forms an integral part of ZonesCorp’s entire zone proposition.

Importers and exports to Rahayel Automotive and Mobility City will greatly benefit from Rahayel’s location, connectivity, and integration with world-class infrastructure that includes highways, airports, and mega ports, as well as the UAE’s upcoming railway line.”

Rahayel City is strategically located along two major roads that link Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Dubai, Al Dhafra and Saudi Arabia, with links to Etihad Rail main terminal in ICAD 4. This will contribute to consolidating logistics operations and create a dynamic environment for all automotive related businesses to thrive in the region.

Close proximity to growing center of trade, population and industry.

Mohammed Bin Zayed City     3 mins
Mussafah Area     5 mins
Shakhbout City     10 mins
Khalifa City     10 mins

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