Learn to choose wisely when it comes to your Fashion or to what you wear on a daily basis, Event, Office or a Business meeting. While many of us think that Man “makes” the clothes, you will be surprised to find out that a lot of us think that Clothes are “making” us. And you? What do you think about this?

Well, We will tell you our honest opinion. We believe in both sayings, because the first one is true, people are creating clothes since the beginning of time ( in a minimalistic way but still ) and the second statement is also true that Clothes are “making” us and how?

They “make” us look good, feel important, stand out, define our features ( that’s more of a lady thing ), exteriorize our personality and build our self-esteem. But, there is a huge difference between wearing something original and something which is fake. There is a very big difference between wearing an original watch, shoes, bag or dress and having a fake one just for the show.. in the first place we must give credit and we should appreciate the hard working Designers, who everyday must find inspiration to create, the endless hours of work they put in designing, cutting, fitting, the passion, the sacrifice of not spending enough time with their families or even with themselves. So is when you buy a fake item you are actually disrespecting a creative and hardworking human being. To not say about how you feel when you put on an original pair of true leather shoes or that 100% pure cotton suit that fits you perfectly.. there is no comparison between the two so make sure you always choose wisely when it comes to how and what you wear. This is what we call Luxury and if many are still wondering why some people pay a lot of money for a pair of jeans “Made in” and “Made by” or goes to a Fashion designer to have M2M or Bespoke, the answer is simple.. the clothes or shoes that you wear may not define who you are but they definitely align you with the right type of people who remain true to themselves by choosing original over fake..check out some items Real vs. Fake and try to spot the difference next time you go shopping. Good luck!

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