Hotels have been undergoing rigorous sanitation from March and will reopen after receiving clearance and certification from the authorities.

Standardised hygiene procedures have been rolled out by Abu Dhabi for its tourism sector as part of preparing to welcome visitors again.

Hotels have been undergoing rigorous sanitation from March and will reopen after receiving clearance and certification from the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi (DCT – Abu Dhabi).

On Saturday, authorities said the ‘Go Safe’ certification programme will be launched across all attractions in Abu Dhabi, including malls, restaurants, theme parks and other public spaces.مكتب أبوظبي الإعلامي@admediaoffice

In line with #AbuDhabi’s efforts to limit the spread of Covid-19, @dctabudhabi launches the Go Safe certification programme to implement the highest health and safety standards across hotels and tourist attractions.

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“Abu Dhabi is setting a new standard for best practices in tourism, following the praise that the UAE has received for its proactive approach in addressing the current situation,” said Ali Hassan Al Shaiba, executive director of tourism and marketing at DCT – Abu Dhabi.

“We aim to not only meet but also to exceed all existing international benchmarks through a strategy that promotes consumer safety  – from the moment they land at our airports to their eventual departure. The launch of Go Safe goes hand-in-hand with the efforts of the Abu Dhabi government to combat the spread of diseases, which include widespread testing, city-wide sanitation, social distancing, and enhancing healthcare services.

“We will be soon announcing other initiatives created to complement this strategy and ensure the safety of our visitors and residents alike,” he added.

The Capital has been gradually easing stay-at-home measures after its proven success in curbing the spread of Covid-19.

What is Go Safe certification

Go Safe certification is a unique programme launched by the Department of Culture and Tourism- Abu Dhabi (DCT- Abu Dhabi) to enforce global standards of safety and cleanliness at hotels, attractions and venues across the emirate. It will focus on hotels and entertainment establishments to ensure that they are in the best shape to receive visitors.

The first step of the programme is guided self-assessments which destinations will undergo as per guidelines and checklists provided by DCT Abu Dhabi. The self-assessments will then be verified through site-inspections conducted by dedicated teams to ensure the compliance of destinations to the highest standard of cleanliness. Destinations that meet the requirements will be awarded the Go Safe Certificate, which signals to consumers its readiness to receive visitors and maintain hygiene throughout.

W Hotel is the first hotel to be certified in the emirate. The certification will move on to cover six additional hotels, four attractions, two theme parks, two malls and a public beach.

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