100% FDI Coming Soon To Abu Dhabi

As part of Abu Dhabi’s commitment to stimulate the local economy, attract Foreign Direct Investment and increase the ease of doing business in the Emirate, foreign companies will soon to be able to own their […]


Abu Dhabi issues regulations on solar PV

The Regulation and Supervision Bureau (RSB) in Abu Dhabi will, starting next month, roll out a set of regulations governing small-scale PV energy netting Small-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) systems in Abu Dhabi have come under […]


Abu Dhabi Helps UAE Companies

The UAE government is putting its development plans “on steroids” despite low oil prices and the global coronavirus outbreak, said Mohammed Ali al-Shorafa of the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development. “Abu Dhabi has the […]


ADNOC Stations Back to Free Fueling

The decision to offer ‘free assisted fueling’ has been taken after feedback from customers The Dh10 fee to have an Adnoc attendant pump your petrol will no longer be applicable from 04/11/2019. The decision to […]