Mirage Islamic Antiques

An extensive collection of museum-like displays of unique Islamic art pieces sourced from around the Muslim world from places like Egypt, Syria, Iran, India, Iraq, Kashmir and Russia. Displays include meticulously hand woven pictorial and bejewelled carpets, silk textiles, jewellery, marble pieces, Arabic calligraphy engraved vases, miniature paintings and experienced staff are on hand to brief visitors on the history and origin of the pieces and the techniques used in making them.

Miraj offers visitors a complimentary pick-up and drop-off service from their hotels as well as welcome refreshments, Arabic Qahwah (cardamom coffee) and dates to groups of over 50 guests.

With two properties in Abu Dhabi, the 100,000sq ft flagship Centre adjacent to the five-star Hilton Abu Dhabi Capital Grand Hotel and just 500 metres from Abu Dhabi’s iconic Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is a stunning new world class museum, and the Marina centre features a rooftop café with panoramic views of Emirates Palace and the Arabian Gulf. Both are open daily from 9am-7pm and entrance is free.


WebsiteEmail, + 971 2 6505830


Opening Hours: Daily 9am-7pm 
Location: Nr Marina Mall


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