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Ma’an Enables Abu Dhabi Businesses to Maximize CSR Budgets

The Authority of Social Contribution – Ma’an has enhanced its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) model, providing businesses in Abu Dhabi with the opportunity to use the authority’s initiatives and programs as a channel to maximize their CSR budgets and give back to the local community. Ma’an plays a key role in facilitating projects and deploying funds to ensure successful outcomes. The authority focuses on addressing critical social priorities across sectors such as health, education, environment, social, and infrastructure.

Ma’an’s Role in Facilitating Social Programs

Ma’an provides an unparalleled opportunity for corporates across Abu Dhabi to simplify and achieve their social goals associated with their responsibility contribution and Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs). Corporates can choose from a range of 30 programs and initiatives tailored to benefit a key social priority in Abu Dhabi. Her Excellency Salama Al Ameemi, Director General of Ma’an, emphasizes the importance of partnerships in ensuring the success of programs and bringing long-term positive impact to communities.

Ma’an’s Focus on Social Impact

Ma’an lays strong emphasis on recognizing and showcasing corporates and individuals for their CSR contributions. The Abu Dhabi Social Responsibility Label launched by the authority acknowledges the key role played by corporate contributors in supporting social priorities in Abu Dhabi. Ma’an issues an impact report annually on its website that highlights all the programs and initiatives launched in the year and underlines the significant impact it has made on the beneficiaries.

Ma’an’s Programs and Initiatives

Ma’an offers a range of programs and initiatives that address critical social priorities across sectors. The Social projects aim at creating an inclusive and cohesive society in Abu Dhabi. Health initiatives facilitate therapeutic, preventive, and rehabilitative care to ensure the required healthcare for all community members. Education programs provide distinctive and appropriate opportunities for all learners to access education services and support developing the education sector in Abu Dhabi. Environment initiatives support protecting the environment through innovative and impact-oriented environmental projects. Infrastructure initiatives help create an ideal living environment for Abu Dhabi citizens and residents with all facilities and services aiming to provide a high quality of life.

Efficient Contribution Process with Ma’an

Ma’an has launched an application that allows public and private sectors and individuals to assign their contributions to a program or initiative of their choice without paying any administrative fees to the authority. Over the past three years, Ma’an has raised nearly AED517 million from various institutions and individuals, ensuring long-term positive impact across the multicultural society of Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and the Al Dhafra regions.


As more companies realize the impact of social progress on organizational success, Ma’an’s human-centered approach to transform the Abu Dhabi community into a cohesive, sustainable, and productive society has gained vital momentum. Ma’an’s focus on social impact, efficient contribution process, and range of programs and initiatives make it an unparalleled opportunity for corporates across Abu Dhabi to simplify and achieve their social goals.

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