Established in 2007, in line with the Abu Dhabi 2030 plan, was envisioned to create sustainable development and transform the Emirate of Abu Dhabi economically making it a global paradigm across multiple sectors.

Its wise leadership believes that the establishment of a government entity with the appropriate enabling ecosystem for entrepreneurs, startups’ and SMEs is the backbone in supporting our SMEs to their real and effective potential towards the sustainable development of the United Arab Emirates.

Khalifa Fund has established its strategy based on three main pillars, whereby, spreading an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit amongst the community and equipping them with the entrepreneurial mindset and skills is first and foremost. Awareness-raising activities including workshops, seminars, training programs and strategic partnerships were especially designed with renowned educational entities to fulfill this goal.

The second pillar lays in providing financial support to startups and SMEs in which Khalifa Fund has achieved remarkable success stories which have been complimented by the implementation of six unique funding programs.

Creating a supportive and optimal environment to enable the growth, prosperity and sustainability of our small and medium enterprises is the third pillar in Khalifa Fund’s strategy towards achieving Abu Dhabi’s economic vision.

Khalifa Fund has succeeded in developing a series of non-financial services for its pool of entrepreneurs. Khalifa Fund’s services range from fee exemptions, priority in government purchasing, participation in national and international trade shows and events, as well as receiving ongoing guidance and support to access new markets and thus enable them to better grow.

In an effort to a establish a more concrete mean to support our SMES and as part of our ongoing efforts to improve our services; we have inaugurated Khalifa Fund Gateway, a Khalifa Fund Initiative, which is an online interactive portal aiming to create a comprehensive relationship between Khalifa Fund members, private, government & semi-government entities; allowing the members to better showcase their products and services in an interactive manner, learn from and complement each other.

By introducing the Khalifa Fund Gateway, we aspire to provide a seamless channel of communication between the Khalifa Fund team, Khalifa Fund members and our strategic partners. To deliver upon our vision, we encourage Khalifa Fund members to make exceptional use of the Gateway by becoming active partners on Khalifa Fund Gateway.

Khalifa Fund will continue its effort to streamline its services and pursue new initiatives that will provide us with an even better climate to further foster our SMEs and serve as an impetus for economic diversification through the development of new and unsaturated sectors of our local economy.

The United Arab Emirates has made significant strides towards creating an enabling environment for start-ups to flourish and SMEs to grow; it is in such an environment and with such wise leadership that innovation and success can most strive.

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