Diamonds are a women’s best friend, and we already know that! But why is it so? 

It’s just because diamonds help a woman to stand out on every occasion and go well with any outfit they wear. This is the reason why every woman thinks tobuydiamond jewellery whether it is a diamond necklace set or pair of diamond earrings or bracelets. 

But you have to consider the fact that there are many stores in Dubai offering you a wide range of options in diamond jewellery also if you do not know about the details about buying.

So knowing this we have mentioned an ideal place which you can consider for buying diamond jewellery.

Things To Consider While Buying Diamond

Before you go further with buying diamond jewellery online in Dubai, you will have to consider some points that are related to diamonds:

Consider 4 Important C’s 

Cut: Diamonds are characterised by their cuts since the design of the diamond determines its amount of brilliance.

Colour: Unlike most gemstones, diamonds are virtually colourless and range from G-I in hue. A diamond in the D-F range will also appear colourless but will cost significantly less.

Clarity: A VS1 or VS2 quality is the best quality that can be seen with the naked eye. These diamonds are free of inclusions and flaws and are clean.

Carat: It is important to determine the carat of a diamond before buying a diamond ring. By keeping your C grades the same, you can choose the largest carat while staying within your budget.

Deciding On The Budget

Diamonds are without a doubt a very expensive material. It is still common for first-time buyers to find diamonds to be more expensive than they anticipated. You should examine your financial situation and set a budget before purchasing a diamond. See what you can afford by checking diamond prices. However, compromising doesn’t mean you have to purchase a bargain-priced diamond. If you choose a diamond with a lower carat weight, you’ll be able to get a more impressive stone than if you choose one that is a good deal when compared to others of the same size. Despite compromising a bit on stone size instead of quality, you can still get a good diamond for yourself.

Certification Of Authentication

A certificate of authenticity is the most important thing to check when obtaining a diamond ring online, as it provides proof of the diamond’s authenticity. GIA or IGI certificates are excellent indicators of a diamond’s quality, so it is always advised to request the certificate from these top laboratories. This certificate contains an assessment of the gem’s cut, clarity, and colour by an experienced gemologist.

Consider The Metal

In today’s time, there are so many options available in terms of metal that is used along with diamond. Even if talk about options in platinum and gold, there are various options available as they are combined with various metal options like copper, palladium, rhodium, titanium etc that are mixed with them. When we talk about gold there are different colour options available other than yellow gold such as white gold and rose gold. You can consider buying white gold as a budget option against platinum to pair up with the diamond you are going for.

So above were some points that you should consider while buying diamond or diamond jewellery through an online platform.

An Ideal Online Store To Buy Jewellery Online

La Marquise Jewellery

La Marquise Jewellery is one of the most known online stores for buying diamond jewellery in Dubai. A hallmark of La Marquise Jewellery’s approach is the comprehensive portfolio and customised approach, which is why it has become the top choice of socialites and women across the board. In addition to jewellery made from diamonds and gemstones sourced ethically, La Marquise offers the wearer unique opportunities to achieve a unique status.

What should you buy from La Marquise Jewellery?

Handcrafted diamond and gold jewellery are what La Marquise is best known for. You can shop here for a wide range of high-end and exclusive collections that are hard to find anywhere else. La Marquise Jewellery offers an extensive assortment of necklaces, bracelets, bangles, earrings, and rings available online and at all La Marquise Jewellery boutiques. Many of their glamorous pieces are customized according to customer specifications, making them a perfect gift for every woman. 

Final Note On Buying Diamond Jewellery Online

So here we covered about an online store that you can consider while buying diamonds for yourself. It is very well known to us that when an individual spends a substantial amount on the diamond or any Jewellery they are looking gain complete and therefore, we have presented you one of the most reliable places to buy diamond or diamond Jewellery online.

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