Fashion and Climate Change

If you haven’t bought Jonathan Safran Foer’s new book We Are the Weather, in which he argues that a plant-based diet is the key to solving climate change, today is the perfect excuse.

You could do one better and use some of your fall shopping budget to pick up a Stella McCartney puffer, jumpsuit, or sweater emblazoned with Foer’s handwriting: “we are entirely free to live differently”; “be leaving, believing, be living.

The collaboration debuted for Resort 2020and is available now exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue. Earlier this week, Foer and McCartney sat down with Alina Cho at the store to discuss their project and shared philosophy about food, fashion, and how both are impacting climate change. The key takeaway was that despite the top-level changes that need to happen in our society and governments, it’s individual actions—what we eat, what we buy, and how we dispose of things—that can make an immediate difference.

“This book isn’t a thesis, and it’s not an argument I’m making, or a perspective I have—it’s just science,” Foer insisted. “It’s science that 97 percent of climate scientists agree on, and at this point, I think just about everyone agrees on it. What we know isn’t just that the planet is warming because of human activity, but we know [which] human activities matter significantly more than others. There are a lot of things we do [and] feel good about doing, like not using plastic straws and recycling. But those are nowhere near as important as the four high-impact activities [we can do to prevent global warming], which are flying less, living without a car, having fewer children, and eating a plant-based diet.”

Regarding the latter, in We Are the Weather, he writes that “saving the planet begins at breakfast,” and he makes the case for avoiding all animal products before dinnertime. (McCartney added, “or no animal products ever!”) The duo first met in 2009 when Foer sent McCartney a copy of his book Eating Animals, which shed light on the realities of factory farming and the ethics of meat. “Eating a plant-based diet is different from these other actions [to fix climate change], because it’s something everyone can act on right now,” he continued. “And there are scientific reasons why it’s the most urgent thing to act on.”

Source Vogue Magazine

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