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Led by HH Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak. The Family Development Foundation was established on10th of May 2006 at the service of the Emirati community and to keep up with the contemporary data and developments. What the “Mother of the Nation” HH Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, has done is clear and evident. Her Highness has exerted her utmost efforts to achieve a better reality for women, so that they are able to face challenges and accomplish achievements.

The FDF aims at fostering, developing the family in general, women, and children in particular. It emphasizes the role of the family in social upbringing, promoting a comprehensive vision in dealing with the issues of women and children and achieving family sustainable development to set up a society that is able to compete with learning and knowledge. It also focuses on continuous development of capabilities and skills, with special attention paid to her social outcomes which related to her low establishment moreover in line with community development sector in the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

– An aware, tight Emirati family capable of facing challenges

The family constitutes the core of the mission and the responsibility of the Family Development Foundation. The latter is considered to be the main reference in handling such issues. In the scope of its strategic transformation, the Foundation seeks to provide meaningful programs to increase closeness within the family, by working to limit family conflicts, treating those effectively with the participation of other foundations operating in the frame of the social development sector.

– A safe and healthy family environment for children, enhancing their values and motivating their innovative capacities

The childhood category is the largest in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Child citizens (age 0-14) constitute 39%, while youth (age 15-19) constitute 11% of the total number of the population in the Emirate – according to statistics dating back to mid .2013
Lack of programs tending to children from the early childhood stage up until youth led the Family Development Foundation to take responsibility for childhood development. Thus, children became one of the Foundation’s priorities. The Foundation works to provide programs that contribute to shaping creative children, who are proud of their moral values and belong to safe and healthy families. The Foundation shall start providing several significant programs, including the early education program

– Activation of the societal role of women by developing their capacities and highlighting their achievements

Efforts exerted to enable women in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi are distributed. The lack of a specific body that would be responsible for enabling women renders the entire situation in need of further efforts. Based on the latter,
the Family Development Foundation prioritized the enabling of women, it also intensified its programs that aim at supporting women, coming together with its partners to attain the best practices that ensure development of women’s capacities and enabling them socially and economically, which would ensure women’s habilitation, independence, production and full rights.

– Contribution to the preparation of a generation of youth that is aware, by enhancing their life and leadership skills and strengthening their active participation in society

Societal changes and the vast acceleration of technological advancement, as well as the diversity of nationalities and cultures in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi may lead to negative effects in terms of the Emirate’s customs, traditions and historical image. Therefore, the Foundation seeks to include programs that enhance national identity and belonging for the youth of Abu Dhabi. Such programs emphasize the needs of various stages. The Foundation will also provide programs that contribute to decreasing negative foreign behaviors within the Emirate’s society.

– Effective contribution to providing a decent life for the elderly, by enabling them and benefiting from their heritage

Generally speaking, the UAE is considered to be one of the young, youthful societies. Social focus was not fully directed at the category of the elderly, which would reflect negatively on the society, due to the lack of effective communication with those society pioneers, who carry a large legacy of undocumented heritage. In order to support other priorities, the Family Development Foundation will work with its partners to activate the role of such category of the society to turn it into a source of expertise and learned lessons to achieve certain goals that belong to other categories. The Foundation will also document the oral heritage communicated by the elderly members of the society

– Cooperate with the authorities and organizations of similar competency in order to share information and experiences, develop and cooperate scopes for shared work.

Based on the vision and strategy of Abu Dhabi Government, regarding building effective partnerships that promote sustainable development in the social, economic and environmental sectors, the Family development foundation (FDF) seeks through its strategic objective to leverage partnerships to achieve Abu Dhabi plan 2020.


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