Experience the Thrill of Skydiving in Abu Dhabi

We call it Spacewalk. It’s your opportunity to experience the pure exhilaration of a free-fall or skydiving without jumping out of an airplane or using a parachute.

No previous experience is necessary for your Spacewalk experience. You just need a sense of adventure and fun and you’re ready to fly!

A quick and easy to understand training class by our instructors will explain everything you need to know for your flight.

How Spacewalk works
Spacewalk Abu Dhabi is not a ride or a simulator. You will be flying in our vertical wind tunnel which produces enough wind to lift up an adult with average weight.

Every experience includes one of our professional instructors inside the flight chamber assisting you as well as a controller adjusting the wind speed, to ensure that you have a save and enjoyable flight.

You’ll be free from any anxiety about heights, jumping or falling because you’ll be in the air only a few feet above the ground, within and arm’s reach of our highly trained instructors.

The flight chamber has a trampoline-like floor made from super-strong aircraft cable.

For your Spacewalk, you’ll enter the tunnel, stand in the open doorway and lean forward while your instructor guides you. The wind will be turned on and will support your body – in seconds, you will be in the air, flying! To leave the tunnel, you’ll be guided back to the doorway. The thrill of skydiving and free-fall doesn’t get easier than this.

All the flight equipment you need is included in your package.

Interesting facts about the Spacewalk skydiving experience in Abu Dhabi
Suitable for groups of up to 12 people
Different packages & frequent flyer programs available for regular visitors
85 kg weight limit
Suitable for age of 3 years & above
875 horsepower fan system
Max. 160 KPH. wind speed
For more information or reservations, please contact; 02 657 7601

Working Hours:
Daily from 12:00 PM. – 9:00 PM.


First time flyers
Intro Flight Ticket – 180 AED
Your introductory flight includes your training session, use of all flight gear, 2 one-minute flights (2 minutes total), one-on-one personal assistance from your instructor. In your first flight you will learn the basic freefall position.

Intro First Class Ticket – 290 AED
This package is the same as our Flight Ticket, but has twice the flying time. 2 two-minute flights (4 minutes total) and double the fun! This extra time gives you the opportunity to fully experience the freedom of flight.

Quad Flight First Time Flyer – 550 AED
This package for one flyer is similar to our First Class Ticket but has twice the flying time for a more exhilarating flight experience! This extra time gives you the opportunity to fully experience the freedom of flight. A Quad Flight is the same as 8 freefall jumps while skydiving! You will fly four times for two minutes in duration + DVD also included.

First Time Flyer SW Flight School – 700 AED
This course is highly recommended for anyone wishing to take up skydiving and will help to shorten your skydiving course due to your new skills learned here.

You get 5 flights of two minutes each. With personalised instruction, you will develop the skills which help to complete the skydiving course. If you have already signed up for a skydiving course we will add specific routines, such as practice pull into your flight in order to enhance your experience.

Group prices and discounts
Friendship Flight Gold Ticket – 450 AED
This package includes all necessary instructions, gear rental, 2 one-minute flights and two DVD’s of your flight experience. This package is for two people. 4 minutes of flight time split between two flyers.

Friendship Flight Diamond Ticket – 700 AED
This package is the same as our Friendship Flight Gold Ticket with the difference of giving you twice the flight time. It is for the true enthusiasts who can’t get enough. 8 minutes of flight time split between two people and two DVD’s.

Family Package (up to 5 flyers) – 720 AED
This experience includes 10 one-minute flights which can be shared by up to 5 people. You also get your training session, use of all flight gear, hands-on personal assistance from an instructor and a DVD of your flight session.

Party Package – 1700 AED
This package is good for groups of two to twelve flyers. It includes the training session and all the flight gear. You get 30 minutes of flying time shared between the whole group! You will also receive one DVD which will record the entire group flight session.

This package entitles your group to exclusive use of the flight chamber! We also have a Party Room which is available free of charge! Be sure to reserve the Party Room when you make your flight reservation.

Our weight limit is 85 kg.
The cost of the Souvenir DVD for your group’s flight session is 90 AED. Additional copies can be ordered for 60 AED only!
Please arrive 40 minutes before your flight time.

To be sure you are able to fly at the time you have reserved we need you to arrive 40 minutes before your flight time. This will give you the time you need to register, take your class and get your flight gear on. Also factor in some time for traffic and onsite parking before you arrive.

Please bring comfortable athletic clothes and athletic shoes that lace up tightly as this is not a ride but an actual flight experience.

Booking/reservation & cancellation policy
Payment in full is required to make a booking for flight time.
Flight time is transferable between flyers.

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