Drop in temperatures expected over coming days

The National Center of Meteorology (NCM) forecasts weather over the coming five days to be partly cloudy in general with a significant drop in temperatures expected nationwide. Following is a detailed weather forecast issued by […]


Al Wathba Wetland Reserve

[metaslider id=”8331″] WHAT IS IT? Al Wathba Wetland Reserve is a complex of surface water bodies, both natural and man made, around 40 km southeast of central Abu Dhabi, just past Mussafah. Al Wathba Wetland […]


NCM Rain Enhancement Programme’s announced

The National Centre of Meteorology, NCM, has announced its updated research areas as part of the UAE Rain Enhancement Programme, UAEREP’s fourth cycle; placing strong focus on innovation and emerging technologies. In a statement Wednesday, […]


EAD, Etihad to reduce single-use plastics on flights

The Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi, EAD, and Etihad Aviation Group, Etihad, joined forces by signing a memorandum of understanding, MoU, that details collaboration on several critical environmental programmes. The programmes were all designed to […]


Your guide to the delicious Arabian dates

Dates go through different stages of ripening once the fruit begins to develop. The dates transition from the inedible green khalaal to three edible phases: the red-yellow Besr, the translucent moist Rutab, and the final […]


EAD announce new Air Quality App

App from the Environment Agency and Plume Labs tracks air quality across the emirate The Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi, (EAD) has released an app for mobile devices which provides free of charge updates on […]


Saadiyat Island Dune Ecosystem

Protection and enhancement of the Saadiyat Beach dune ecosystem has been implemented to maintain increasingly rare coastal dune habitat for native flora and fauna. In particular, the protection measures and enhancement will allow nesting of […]


Agriculture & Plantation

Since the formation of the UAE, the availability of capital and the demand for fresh crops has encouraged agricultural development. Previously, agriculture was not formal and was used to meet the daily needs of families […]