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Etisalat Launches ‘e& Universe’: The First Metaverse in the Region

In collaboration with Samsung, Etisalat launched ‘e& universe,’ the first metaverse in the region. The platform offers a unique virtual experience with exclusive zones and avatars. The metaverse was launched at GITEX last year, aligning with the UAE’s Metaverse strategy to pioneer emerging technologies globally.

The First Unpacked Event Hosted in the Metaverse

On 26th July, ‘e& universe’ hosted the first Unpacked event for the new Samsung Galaxy series. In the metaverse, users pre-ordered Galaxy devices and enjoyed Samsung’s pre-order offers. This brought them closer to global technology updates. The metaverse is a virtual hub for entertainment and live events, allowing users to interact and explore endless possibilities.

Revolutionizing Immersive Social Experiences

In partnership with HTC, ‘e& universe’ is a central hub for immersive social experiences. It seamlessly connects users and offers exciting areas to explore. The platform includes e& universe Virtual Home, Shop, and Arena & Stadium. VIVERSE’s GM, Joseph Lin, believes it revolutionizes social experiences to unprecedented heights.

Personalizing Avatars and Virtual Spaces

Within the e& universe Virtual Home, users have the opportunity to create and personalize their personal virtual space. Users can showcase their identity with NFTs in virtual homes. They can invite friends to join and engage in chats. They can relish shared experiences and nurture social connections.

Virtual Entertainment and Sporting Events

The e& universe Arena & Stadium has a lively atmosphere for entertainment and sports. The Arena hosts virtual concerts and live performances. Meanwhile, the Stadium is where users can watch sports matches with loved ones.

A Dynamic Platform for Businesses

The e& universe opens up exciting possibilities for businesses to host a diverse range of events. Additionally, industry conferences unite professionals from various sectors. Real estate exhibitions feature the latest development. There are plenty of opportunities to showcase innovative offerings. The platform provides a dynamic space for businesses to engage with their audience. They can create immersive experiences that transcend physical boundaries.

A Tribute to UAE’s National Space Strategy

Hosted virtually in Arcadia Planitia, a place on Mars considered to be the most suitable for future life, e& universe is a strategic and ambitious tribute to the UAE’s national space strategy and the success of the Hope Probe mission, the first mission led by an Arab country.


Etisalat’s ‘e& universe’ is set to reshape the way we interact, explore and create, offering all users a truly immersive experience. The platform is pushing the boundaries of digital innovation empowering them to create unforgettable experiences in an ever-evolving metaverse.

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