Dolce&Gabbana x ADMAF Design Award 2023 Announced

ADMAF and Dolce&Gabbana Collaborate to Launch Design Award 2023

Abu Dhabi Music and Arts Foundation (ADMAF) has teamed up with Dolce&Gabbana for the Dolce&Gabbana x ADMAF Design Award 2023. This competition offers UAE youths, including current and recent university graduates, the opportunity to showcase their talents in couture and design craftsmanship on a global scale.

Distinct Categories and Subthemes

The Dolce&Gabbana x ADMAF Design Award 2023 comprises three categories: Fashion, Jewelry, and Fragrance. Participants are encouraged to explore their artistic flair and express their unique vision through various subthemes, ranging from flowers and lace to micro mosaics and luxurious fragrances.

Exceptional Opportunities for Finalists

The finalists of the Dolce&Gabbana x ADMAF Design Award 2023 will have the exceptional opportunity to see their designs come to life in collaboration with Dolce&Gabbana. Selected designers will be invited to showcase their work at the prestigious Abu Dhabi Festival and intern at the Dolce&Gabbana headquarters in Italy.

Fashion Category

The fashion sector of the competition allows participants to create abaya collections that blend traditional Emirati culture with avant-garde designs for which Dolce&Gabbana is renowned. The young designers will showcase their creations through the application of lacework, flowers, patchwork, embroidery, and hand painting.

Jewelry Category

The Jewelry category competition celebrates the fusion of traditional Emirati influences with the innovative jewelry designs of Dolce&Gabbana. Emerging artists will apply different techniques and semi-precious stones including micromosaics, gold, and pearls to create bracelets, earrings, and wedding rings.

Fragrance Category

Within the Fragrance category of the collaboration, emerging perfumers are invited to craft exceptional scent compositions that seamlessly marry the essence of Abu Dhabi’s cultural heritage with the distinct creativity and vision of Dolce&Gabbana. Participants are also encouraged to draw inspiration from the city’s rich history, its vibrant music and arts scene, and the natural scents that define Abu Dhabi’s unique identity.

Judging Panel and Evaluation Criteria

The judging panel, composed of fragrance experts, perfumers, renowned artists, and representatives from ADMAF and Dolce&Gabbana, will evaluate the submissions based on their originality, artistry, cultural relevance, and ability to evoke the essence of both traditional Emirati culture and the brand’s contemporary aesthetic.

Pioneering Collaboration with a Lasting Impact

Through this pioneering collaboration, ADMAF and Dolce&Gabbana aim to create a legacy that goes beyond the competition itself, leaving a lasting impact on the fashion industry in the region. By bridging the gap between tradition and innovation, the Fashion Category of the competition will showcase Abu Dhabi’s cultural diversity and contribute to the global conversation on fashion, music, and arts. Overall, this extraordinary partnership promises to set new standards for the fashion world while celebrating the beauty of creativity, culture, and artistic expression.

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