DCT Abu Dhabi launches new guidelines for bazaars, fairs

The Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi has launched a new manual intended to streamline the process of organising and implementing consumer fairs and exhibitions in the UAE capital.

In a statement the department explained that the manual, which is available on DCT Abu Dhabi’s corporate website, and its Events Licensing System, covers consumer exhibitions and events open to the public where products are sold, and outlines best-practice for ensuring each event offers an enhanced overall experience for visitors.

“With the launch of this new manual, DCT Abu Dhabi aims to encourage entrepreneurs or small-to-medium sized businesses to bring their consumer-focused events to the UAE capital or for organisers of already established events in the emirate to improve and increase their offerings,” it added.

The manual includes an explanation of the standards and procedures required to either maintain, or improve facilities and services each event offers, as well as working in coordination with the DCT Abu Dhabi Events Licensing System, ELS, which provides a fast effective solution for registering and licensing all events held in Abu Dhabi.

Since its launch, the ELS has streamlined, facilitated and collated event registration and licensing procedures. It incorporates a database for event type and information, category, speakers and activities, as well as containing indicators of tourism performance, growth orientations and of an event’s success and fulfillment of its set objectives.

“This new manual lays out DCT Abu Dhabi’s recommended procedures for organising and presenting consumer fairs and exhibitions, and will work in concert with our Event Licensing System. This reflects our commitment to streamlining the process of hosting events here in Abu Dhabi, and we hope the manual will act as a catalyst for entrepreneurs and small-to-medium sized businesses with an interest in putting on events in the UAE capital,” said Nasser Al Rayami, Licence and Regulatory Compliance Department Director at DCT Abu Dhabi. “The aim is to boost incoming events, and to significantly improve the events that we already have established in the emirate. An enhanced experience for visitors to these events will cascade into a boost for the destination’s reputation.”

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