Abu Dhabi, 28 December 2022 – The Authority of Social Contribution – Ma’an hosted its latest
initiative “Community Clean Up!”, in Shawamekh and Shamkhah areas on Saturday 24

The program reflects Ma’an’s drive to support sustainable lifestyles in Abu Dhabi community
through voluntary participation and efforts that can have positive and continuous social impacts
that will benefit all citizens and residents.

Through “Community Clean Up!”, volunteers will target specific areas in Abu Dhabi to collect
recyclable materials which will then be processed and redistributed as a means of both cleaning
the Emirate and giving back to the community. Volunteers will have the chance to organize the
event, clean the selected sites, and help in sorting and recycling the collected materials.

Dr. Mohammed Al Dhaheri Acting Executive Director of Community Engagement and
Volunteering Sector, said: “Our latest ‘Community Clean Up!” event represents Ma’an’s
dedication to initiating an Emirate-wide cultural transformation through voluntary contributions to
the community that deliver sustainable social impacts and benefit all segments of society.”


About Ma’an
Founded in February 2019 by the Department of Community Development Abu Dhabi, the Authority of Social
Contribution – Ma’an drives social innovation and builds a culture of social contribution and participation to address
social priorities in the Abu Dhabi Emirate. Ma’an brings together the government, private sector and civil society with
the objective of supporting innovative solutions and contributing to the development of strong, active, collaborative
and inclusive communities.

The Authority has launched several pioneering programmes through its five pillars of work – Social Impact Bonds,
Social Incubator and Accelerator programme, Social Investment Fund, Community Engagement and Outreach
Management to deliver solutions and make life-changing differences for Abu Dhabi residents. To this end, Ma’an
provides resources and support to seed and grow community-based organisations, raise and allocate funds towards
community-based organisations and social initiatives, and promote community engagement and a culture of
volunteering. Ma’an is a ‘Ghadan 21’ accelerator programme initiative, supporting Abu Dhabi to become one of the
best places in the world to invest, live, work and visit.

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