Municipality warns workers against direct sun exposure

Abu Dhabi Municipality gave tips to the workers on how to deal with emergency cases resulting from dehydration while onsite. Construction and outdoor workers in Abu Dhabi have been warned against working under the hot […]


Mobiles and Cancer Risk

Why is there concern that cell phones may cause cancer or other health problems? Extensive research has been performed to date on the health effects of cellphone use. However,


Window and Balcony Safety

An increasing number of children are admitted to hospital each year, with serious injuries, as a result of falling from windows and balconies. These falls often occur in the child’s own home, over the warmer […]


Smoke alarm, save lives

A fire alarm is also known as a smoke alarm and a smoke detector. It is basically a device that emits a signal, whether it is a siren, horn or buzzer, as an alert that […]