Yas Bay: Restaurants opening at the waterfront destination in 2021

It seems like there’s a new restaurant announcement coming from Yas Bay, the up-and-coming destination located in the south of Yas Island, almost every week. The Yas Bay Waterfront is soon to be a vibrant leisure and […]


Surprising Reasons for Weight Gain

WHY THE WEIGHT GAIN? Obvious reasons for weight gain are taking in more calories than usual or reducing the amount of physical activity in your life. However, some people seem to gain weight even when […]


Ramadan recipe: Luqaimat – Sweet dumplings

Warm dough and sticky fingers are two heartening associations when it comes to luqaimat. An iftar fixture, these decadent dumplings are a favourite across the region. Translating as “little bites”, luqaimat are widely available in the UAE […]


How to keep healthy diet during Ramadan

Diet requires balanced calories divided between Iftar and Suhoor meals An expert has emphasised the importance of following a healthy Ramadan lifestyle with regular exercise and proper eating habit that helps get adequate calories divided […]


Top 10 Emirati Dishes You Need to Try

A rich blend of Middle Eastern and Asian cuisines – questions around the origin of Emirati cuisine are best answered here, Experience Emirati flavours and aromas. Our round-up of the top ten must-try local dishes. […]


MSG (Monosodium Glutamate): Good or Bad?

It’s not exactly news that MSG, or monosodium glutamate, has a bad rap. Often pegged as the culprit of not-so-nice side effects like headaches and nausea, the additive that is said to basically increase your desire […]


Your guide to the delicious Arabian dates

Dates go through different stages of ripening once the fruit begins to develop. The dates transition from the inedible green khalaal to three edible phases: the red-yellow Besr, the translucent moist Rutab, and the final […]


15 Foods to Eat & Not Gain Weight

Whether you want to maintain your existing weight or lose a bit of extra weight, it does not necessarily have to be about eating less! This is because there are many foods you can eat […]