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17th Liwa Date Festival to start July 15

The 17th Liwa Date Festival will be held on July 15 – 25, with expanded prizes worth over AED8 million. The festival, which will be held under the patronage of H.H. Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed […]


Al Falaj Irrigation System

Al Ain had many tribes and many of them had the craftsmanship required to build falaj systems. The first tribe known to have constructed them was Al Awamir. Besides that, there are many Aflaj systems […]


Your guide to the delicious Arabian dates

Dates go through different stages of ripening once the fruit begins to develop. The dates transition from the inedible green khalaal to three edible phases: the red-yellow Besr, the translucent moist Rutab, and the final […]


Agriculture & Plantation

Since the formation of the UAE, the availability of capital and the demand for fresh crops has encouraged agricultural development. Previously, agriculture was not formal and was used to meet the daily needs of families […]