Richard Mille 74-01 & 74-02 tourbillons with character

Uniquely appealing and technically complex, the RM 74-01 and RM 74-02 In-House Automatic Tourbillons from Richard Mille offer two new versions of the fully in-house automatic tourbillon calibre. These two striking models, both with the […]


Swarovski: World Famous Crystal

Behind Swarovski is a fascinating story of innovation, creativity and social responsibility – with crystal and its many facets always centre-stage. Read the history of Swarovski: from the birth of its founder, Daniel Swarovski in Bohemia in 1862, to the company’s present […]


How to maintain your precious jewelry

We believe jewelry is meant to be worn every day. Most of the jewelry we sell requires very little care — just wear and enjoy.  We do recommend taking off your jewelry when swimming, gardening, doing […]


5 Tips and Tricks for Wearing Belts

When it comes to updating personality, belt becomes an integral part of accessory for men. In fact, you feel incomplete leaving your home without wearing the belt. Regarding fashion, wearing a belt is one of […]


Most popular diamond cuts

Diamonds live forever, but only when you buy the perfect one. Regardless of the occasion, engagement, anniversary, wedding, birthday, you need to consider many things while buying diamonds. It’s not a matter of prestige, but […]


Which glass shape is best for you

If you are shopping for a new pair of glasses and find yourself asking the question “but which pair of glasses really suits me?”, there are a few things to take into account. In addition […]


How To Tie A Windsor Knot The Easy Way?

Today I will be sharing a very important article and so handy for most of Men but also for some Women trying to please her husband or just helping her son before his school Graduation. […]


One Drop of Luxury will change your Lifestyle

Learn to choose wisely when it comes to your Fashion or to what you wear on a daily basis, Event, Office or a Business meeting. While many of us think that Man “makes” the clothes, […]