It’s easy to get excited about the best smartwatches out there only to be overwhelmed by all the choices. Whether it’s the latest and greatest from Apple to rivals attempting to steal their thunder like the gorgeous Samsung Galaxy Watch line, there are just so many different options out there. There are even premium-tier smartwatches, like the TAG Heuer Connected that just scream style (while burning a hole in your pocket).

Finding the best smartwatch is more than just getting the most popular or the priciest, though we have included both the always cutting edge Apple smartwatches and the elegant Tag Heuer that fit those descriptions perfectly. It’s about finding the one that fits your needs.

For Android users, the Samsung Galaxy Watch range should be a very attractive alternative to the Apple line, and the Casio and Garmin smartwatches included here are perfect for outdoorsmen who need something a little different.

But there can only be one ‘best smartwatch’, and the best smartwatch in the world right now is the Apple Watch Series 6. Of all the wearables available, the Apple Watch has the most developed platform. It’s also the most attractive, and, arguably, more technologically advanced than its competitors.

iPhone users might also want to check out the Apple Watch Series 3 for those who want an Apple Watch without breaking the bank, and the Apple Watch SE which splits the difference between the two other options. It’s no wonder that so many of their watches are on this list since they have the most developed platform and are always pushing the limits of what a smartwatch can do.

If you’re struggling to choose a smartwatch, here are a few things to consider:

  • Compatibility: Apple Watches only work with iPhones. Smartwatches running Wear OS, Garmin and Fitbit are compatible with both Android and iPhone.
  • Price: Smartwatch prices can range from very affordable to pretty expensive. Paying more will get you enhanced health and fitness tracking and build quality. Anything more expensive than an Apple Watch and you’re paying for prestige branding and exclusivity. 
  • Battery life: Most smartwatches last around two days, if that’s not enough for you, then opt for Huawei, Fitbit or Garmin, which offer slightly impaired functionality for vastly improved battery life.
  • Fitness tracking: All smartwatches will do basic tracking, but if you’re training for a marathon or triathlon then you’ll want a more serious running watch from Garmin or Polar.
  • Communication: All smartwatches have Bluetooth – that’s how they connect to your smartphone. Some have a 4G/Cellular connection as well, which means you can stream music, receive messages and calls, even if you’ve left your phone at home. It costs extra, and probably isn’t worth it for most.
  • Size: Size is important. If you’ve got slender wrists you’re going to want a smaller smartwatch, this is not due to looks, but due to comfort.

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