Bentley has embarked on real-world road trials of its Batur across Europe. After making its debut at Monterey Car Week in August 2022 and participating in numerous events for Bentley customers, the international press and the public, two Batur development cars have now begun a rigorous program of testing to ensure high standards in terms of car performance and quality. . It is noteworthy that the limited series of this model is limited to only 18 cars, and deliveries are scheduled to begin in mid-2023 after completing an extensive engineering program and completing the certification phase.

Certification activities include durability standards for both the engine and the vehicle as a whole, as well as environmental compliance, solar radiation options, high-speed stability, aerodynamics, noise and vibration, and driving dynamics. More than 120 individual tests will cover just about everything from the surface-finish quality of the gold-coloured “organ-switch” air-conditioning controls to the hardware and software of the new W12 engine. Over 58 weeks of vehicle validations have been scheduled for the two Series Priors, to complement the 100+ weeks of vehicle development completed and engine excess validated, making the Batur the most powerful Bentley in history with no less than 740 produced. Horsepower (PS) of power.

The first activity for one of Batur’s development cars – Car #0 – is an intense drive of 2,500 km in Europe under conditions typical of real life. After the track exits Germany, it then passes through Italy, France and Spain before high-speed testing on test tracks.

On track testing, the Batur Car #0 will undergo seven weeks of durability-related activities on the control circuit, with varied road conditions, high speed testing and under challenging road surface conditions. During all these activities, data will be collected and information will be obtained, to ensure that the technical objectives are met.

When the activities on the test tracks are completed, an additional 7,500 km will be driven on the actual roads before the start of the environmental tests. In less than four weeks, the car will be exposed to 600 hours of sunlight – the equivalent of five years in the Arizona desert. This is very important for the new sustainable materials used in the exterior components, as an alternative to carbon fibre.

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