The 2020 pandemic transitioned our lives to a whole new era. With remote and hybrid work cultures taking the lead, we all have been spending most of our days behind the screen. However, the increased screen time can be highly stressful for your eyes and lead to fatigue headaches that ultimately hamper your work.

While you can’t change the hybrid work culture, you can certainly make your life a little easier with products that understand your needs and priorities your comfort.

We came across BenQ’s latest Stylish Monitor GW2480 and ScreenBar LED Monitor Light that has been tailor-made to offer a comfortable and appealing viewing experience with zero stress on your eyes even during extended working hours.

Here is everything you need to know about these products:

Stylish Monitor GW2480

BenQ’s new stylish monitor GW2480 has recognized the need of providing a quality display to the digitally-driven world.

The monitor has an ultra-slim, frameless design with a hidden cable management structure that allows you to maintain a super neat and organized desk.

BenQ has once again prioritized eye care and viewing comfort. It implemented a unique blend of their exclusive eye-care technology, low blue light technology, and flicker-free performance that makes the display gentle on your eyes for a strain-free viewing experience.

The monitor utilizes an advanced brightness intelligence technology to highlight the intricate detailing of the on-screen content and hikes up the visual aesthetics to a whole new level with a unique combination of LED and IPS technologies for sharper, brighter, and vibrant details.

The monitor has a scratch-proof body and sculpted base to protect the device from unnecessary scratches and gives it an elegant yet functional appeal.

To add to the visual appeal, the monitor offers a wide-angle viewing technology. Along with that, IPS (In-Plane Switching) Technology provides equally accurate colours and image production regardless of your viewing angle.

BenQ has aligned each feature of the monitor to meet the ultimate goal of providing a comfortable and appealing viewing experience to the generation that’s conquering the world digitally.

BenQ ScreenBar LED Monitor Light

A quality monitor alone cannot mitigate all your display problems. For the ultimate visual experience, your monitor needs to be paired with compatible monitor light, and that’s where BenQ’s screenBar LED monitor light steps in.

This monitor light comes with an advanced auto-dimming feature with a built-in ambient light sensor that adjusts the lighting according to the ambient lighting.

Staring at the screen for hours without sufficient lighting can be stressful for your eyes. But this monitor light offers comfortable lighting with adequate brightness that reduces the stress on your eyes and fights off eye irritation so that your focus on work remains undivided.

The versatile clip of the screen bar allows you to mount it over a range of monitors with an equally firm grip. Since the light is mounted over your monitor, you save a lot of space on your desk, enabling you to maintain an organized and clean workspace.

One of the best features of the ScreenBar LED Monitor Light is that it does not produce any reflective glare from the screen. Instead, it blends in with the screen light and offers a gentle and harmonious display.

This generation is stepping towards the future digitally. Hence you must be armed with the best-in-class display products by BenQ so that nothing can come in between you and success.

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