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Welcome to the Fun class!

As the new school year begins, children in Abu Dhabi are getting ready with their fresh uniforms, books, and lunch boxes. Whether they are excited to return to their desks or reluctant to leave the comfort of their beds, there are several ways to make the transition back to school more enjoyable. Here are 10 fun suggestions to beat the back-to-school blues in Abu Dhabi:

Discover the Magic of SeaWorld Abu Dhabi

Explore the UAE’s first marine life theme park with eight immersive realms, featuring over 100,000 animals and 15 interactive rides and experiences. Discover the interconnectivity between life on earth and our oceans while enjoying exciting entertainment, up-close animal encounters, and unmatched dining and shopping experiences. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable journey through an incredible world!

Seek Thrills at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi:

Escape the heat and visit Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, where you can experience 40 exhilarating rides. Speed enthusiasts can try Formula Rossa, the fastest roller coaster in the world. For something new, check out Mission Ferrari, a multisensory 5D roller coaster with an inverted loop. Until December 31, a family of four UAE residents can purchase four tickets for the price of three.

Get Your Thrills at Adrenark Adventure:

The newly opened Adrenark Adventure offers exciting activities for the whole family, including potholing, ziplining, stunt-bag jumps, a net maze, and a rope course. Adrenaline junkies will enjoy the wild slides and rides.

Splish and Splash at Yas Waterworld:

If you love water adventures, head to Yas Waterworld. With over 40 slides and attractions, this adventure-themed park tells the story of Dana’s search for a lost pearl. Experience thrilling rides like Bubble’s Barrel, Rush Rider, and the region’s largest suspended roller coaster, Bandit Bomber. UAE residents can save on tickets by purchasing three and getting the fourth one free.

Scale New Heights at CLYMB Abu Dhabi:

CLYMB Abu Dhabi is the perfect place to try rock climbing. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced climber, there are options for everyone. Challenge yourself on The Summit, a 138-feet high wall, or start small and work your way up.

Go Wild at Emirates Park Zoo and Resort:

Emirates Park Zoo offers not only educational opportunities but also adventure and colorful wildlife. Enjoy unique experiences like breakfast with giraffes, hippo feedings, and an African drummer show.

These are just a few of the exciting activities

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