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Nostalgic Stories of Deep-Sea Pearl-Diving

When Jasim Abdullah opens his pearl box, it takes visitors to an exciting time in his life that offers unending stories. The 61-year-old Emirati, who had worked as a pearl diver at his young age, […]

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The Cultural Foundation

1971: A new nation is born, and with it, a new vision for the future. A visionary who looked at a changing world through eyes that seemed to pierce the future, the late Sheikh Zayed […]

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Traditional Pearl Journey

The Abu Dhabi Pearl Journey experience is the first cultural and tourism product of its kind in the capital. A unique edutainment (Education + Entertainment) experience to enrich people knowledge on the history of the […]

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Johann Fanzoj Luxury Gunmakers

We interviewed Daniela Fanzoj- Vice-President at Johann Fanzoj fine gun and rifles firm in Austria. 1. Can you describe the process you take to craft an exclusive piece for a customer? Production  Planning Metalwork Woodwork […]

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Louvre Abu Dhabi Tour

The iconic Louvre Abu Dhabi is the first universal museum in the Arab World that translates the spirit of openness of cultures. As one of the premier cultural institutions located in the heart of the […]