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Nurturing Growth

The Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (ADAFSA) has unveiled an ambitious strategy to elevate date palm cultivation in Abu Dhabi. It will enhance the food security and biosecurity.

This comprehensive plan includes the Integrated Date Palm Management Programme, Good Post-Harvest Practices for Dates, and Integrated Date Palm Pest Management Programme.

In early 2023, ADAFSA conducted a sweeping survey, scrutinizing 22,581 palm tree farms, assessing around 6.75 million palm trees. Al Ain accounted for half of the palms surveyed, with 52% coverage, followed by the Al Dhafra region at 33%, and 15% in Abu Dhabi city.

This survey was a crucial step in launching ADAFSA’s Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program, leading to targeted pest control measures based on the findings.

Marking Arab Date Palm Day on September 15th, ADAFSA celebrated the sector’s substantial progress and committed to further development. ADAFSA offers programs and services to encourage farmers to adopt best practices, reduce pesticide usage, shift towards organic cultivation, and promote high-yield commercial varieties.

ADAFSA’s agricultural extension engineers conduct field visits to educate farmers on trap usage and maintenance. Educational materials and social media outreach further spread awareness about optimal palm tree care and management practices.

ADAFSA’s dedication to date palm cultivation’s success reflects its commitment to the future of this vital sector in Abu Dhabi.

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