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Abu Dhabi to Host Inaugural Sail Grand Prix in 2024

Abu Dhabi will host the first-ever Abu Dhabi Sail Grand Prix from 13-14 January 2024, featuring 10 teams competing around Mina Zayed in high-speed catamarans. The event is presented in partnership with global series partner Mubadala Investment Group and Abu Dhabi Sports Council. Season four of the race series already underway, including stages in New York, Los Angeles, Sydney, Saint-Tropez, and San Francisco.

Hydrofoiling F50 Catamarans and National Teams

The event features hydrofoiling F50 catamarans, capable of reaching speeds of nearly 100 kilometres per hour. National teams from Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland, and the US will engage in the two-day competition. Thousands of spectators are expected to gather to watch the high-speed action.

Mubadala Investment Company as Event Title Partner

Mubadala Investment Company, as the event title partner and global series partner of the Inspire programme, will be supporting SailGP’s efforts to champion STEM education and sport. Across its three pathways – careers, learning, and racing – the Inspire initiative has engaged more than 15,000 young people worldwide. With Mubadala’s support, the SailGP Inspire programme now aims to engage 25,000 young people by the end of 2025.

Promoting Climate-Positive Solutions and Transformative Change

Russell Coutts, CEO of SailGP, said: “Together we will work to promote climate-positive solutions and foster transformative change within the region, through initiatives such as Inspire, and look at ways that we can make an impact long into the future.” Spectators in Abu Dhabi will witness the 10 national teams competing for points over two days across five races before a final showdown featuring the top-three teams to decide the event winner.

Meta Description: Abu Dhabi will host the first-ever Sail Grand Prix in January 2024 featuring 10 national teams competing in high-speed catamarans. Mubadala Investment Company is the event title partner supporting SailGP’s efforts to champion STEM education and sport.

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