This system has been implemented with the aim of enhancing road safety throughout the emirate.

The road alert system utilizes colored lights to inform drivers about upcoming traffic incidents and adverse weather conditions. To alert drivers of a traffic accident ahead, the system employs flashing lights in red and blue. This visual signal serves as a warning for drivers to exercise caution and adjust their driving accordingly.

In addition to traffic incidents, the road alert system also notifies drivers about adverse weather conditions such as fog, dust, rain, or any other incidents on the road. For these weather-related alerts, the system uses yellow light flashes. This allows drivers to be aware of the potential hazards and take appropriate measures to ensure their safety and the safety of others on the road.

The flash alerts of the road alert system are powered by solar energy and internal batteries. This sustainable approach ensures the system’s operation throughout the day and night. The lights are designed to be easily visible from a distance of 200 meters, regardless of the time of da. This visibility ensures that drivers have sufficient time to react to the alerts and make necessary adjustments to their driving behavior.

Overall, the road alert system in Abu Dhabi aims to enhance road safety by providing timely and clear notifications to drivers regarding traffic incidents and adverse weather conditions. By using colored lights that are easily visible from a distance, the system aims to improve awareness and help drivers make informed decisions on the road.

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