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Abu Dhabi Police Implements Sustainable Practices

Abu Dhabi Police has taken steps towards sustainability in line with the UAE’s Year of Sustainability. Energy-efficient buildings, solar power in car parks, and reduced emissions on patrols are among the initiatives implemented.

Pearl Certification for Energy-Efficient Buildings

Abu Dhabi has obtained Pearl Certification for energy-efficient buildings and reduced its carbon footprint. A solar power project with a total capacity of 419Kw has been implemented in car parks to reduce energy consumption. Digital transformation practices have been promoted through recycling paper and using electronic records for transactions.

Reducing Emissions and Plastic Use

The police force has also advanced efforts to reduce emissions from patrols and vehicles. They are adhering to the aims of Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi’s Single-Use Plastic Policy.

Overall, Abu Dhabi Police is committed to sustainable practices and initiatives, contributing to a greener future.

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