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Abu Dhabi Government Slashes Fees to Boost Tourism

The Abu Dhabi tourism has announced a reduction in fees for hotels and restaurants in an effort to boost tourism. Effective from September 1 onwards, the Department of Culture and Tourism, Abu Dhabi (DCT-Abu Dhabi), has lowered the tourism fee for guests from six percent to four percent. Additionally, the 15-dirham municipality fee charged for a single room one-night stay has been completely withdrawn. The move is aimed at making Abu Dhabi more tourism-friendly and attracting more visitors to the emirate.

Reduction in Government Fees Leads to Substantial Fall in Hotel Room Charges

With the reduction in government fees, hotel room charges for guests are expected to reflect a substantial fall. However, the municipal fee part of the hotel bill will remain at four percent. The measures are aimed at bolstering the continued growth of the hospitality and tourism sector in Abu Dhabi. This year, Abu Dhabi is expecting a footfall of 2.4 crore tourists and had earlier signed an aviation pact with Europe to facilitate the arrival of more tourists to the region.

Aiming to Woo More Tourists to the Emirate

The Abu Dhabi government’s decision to slash fees for hotels and restaurants is a step towards making the emirate more attractive to tourists. By reducing fees, the government hopes to make Abu Dhabi more affordable and competitive as a tourist destination. The move is expected to boost tourism and contribute to the growth of the hospitality and tourism sector in the region. For more information on Abu Dhabi’s tourism industry, visit

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