Dolce&Gabbana x ADMAF Design Award 2023 Announced

The Technical Committee for Traffic Safety, under the umbrella of Joint Committee for Traffic Safety, in partnership with talabat, announces the launch of the first in the region solar-powered rest areas, supported by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation and other governmental entities. The initiative also includes the relaunch of the air-conditioned mobile buses, all of which are strategically positioned across key rider locations in Abu Dhabi. The collaboration aims to provide all delivery riders with easily accessible stations where they can recharge and hydrate between orders during summer.

The introduction of three rider rest areas running on renewable energy in Abu Dhabi is one of many steps the private and public sectors are taking to help reduce carbon footprint, in line with the UAE government’s commitment towards a greener future in the lead-up to COP28 this year. 

These solar-powered smart boxes were locally built by Smart Energy Solutions (SES) to encourage domestic production and decorated with graffiti art by local talent, reflecting Abu Dhabi’s vibrant urban culture and artistic vision.

The self-sufficient smart boxes operate 24/7 and are equipped with rechargeable batteries, completely eliminating fuel consumption and providing an environmentally friendly solution with reduced CO2 emissions.  Riders will enjoy noise-free, seated, and air-conditioned rest areas with access to water dispensers and mobile recharge stations. The design of the smart boxes includes an external structure that offers a shaded parking area for bikes, along with an air pump to check tyre pressure.

Engineer Abdulrahman Ali Al Shizawi, Head of Technical Committee for Traffic Safety commented: “The implementation of such initiatives that provide a safe and comfortable work environment for delivery riders positively impacts traffic safety for road users. We encourage community members to be patient and kind when dealing with delivery riders on the roads, especially during summer.

He added: “It is worth noting that this initiative comes within the framework of efforts made by the Joint Traffic Safety Committee to establish a safe and sustainable transportation environment in the emirate that guarantees the safety of its residents and visitors and improves the quality of life in it.”

Susanne Stulemeijer, Vice President of Communications, Public Affairs & Corporate Responsibility at talabat said: “With the UAE spearheading sustainability efforts in the region, we are grateful to build on our ongoing collaboration with the Joint Committee for Traffic Safety and become the first-movers to explore and adopt sustainable solutions for rider safety and wellbeing. 

“It is through such joint efforts between the public and private sector that we can set the benchmark and introduce innovative and eco-friendly alternatives. At talabat, we believe that creating shared value for our communities is a collective responsibility, that is why our rest areas and summer buses are open to all delivery riders.”

The “Summer Together” initiative adopts a hybrid approach that combines the stationary smart boxes and mobile air-conditioned buses, providing more flexibility to relocate the latter based on the changing concentration of riders across the capital, which ensures that all delivery riders have access to rest areas to relax and recharge during summer.

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