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DCT Abu Dhabi Updates Holiday Homes Policy for Farmhouse Owners

The Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi (DCT Abu Dhabi) has made updates to its holiday homes policy, with farmhouse owners now able to obtain licences to transform their properties into holiday homes. The update is designed to diversify accommodation offerings available in the emirate and unlock new economic advantages for farm owners. The expansion of the policy is in alignment with recent decisions by the Abu Dhabi Government which facilitates farm owners to secure licences for economic activities.

Expanded Holiday Homes Policy Includes Farm Stays, Caravans, and RVs

DCT Abu Dhabi’s updated holiday homes policy now includes farm stays, caravans and RVs, allowing landlords and residential unit owners to obtain more than one holiday home licence for multiple units, presenting a key opportunity for investors and property management firms. Saleh Mohamed Al Geziry, Director-General for Tourism at DCT Abu Dhabi said, “Our expansion of Abu Dhabi’s holiday homes licensing policy to allow farmhouses to offer guest accommodations will support both Abu Dhabi’s hospitality and agri-tourism sectors. As the emirate witnesses substantial tourism growth, it is imperative that we continue to offer visitors unique and sustainable experiences that reflect our rich heritage and renowned Emirati hospitality.”

DCT Abu Dhabi Provides Guidance for Farmhouse Owners

DCT Abu Dhabi is providing guidance to farmhouse owners seeking to register their properties including organising sessions on navigating the licensing system and clarifying the requirements. In addition, a comprehensive guidance manual has been made available on the official DCT Abu Dhabi website. Farmhouse owners have a grace period of six months to initiate the licensing process for their properties, aimed at ensuring a seamless transition and avoiding any potential penalties.

DCT Abu Dhabi Promotes Farmhouse Tourism Activity

Committed to fostering diverse and enriching experiences for all visitors to the emirate, DCT Abu Dhabi is set to introduce a comprehensive policy framework to license and promote farmhouse tourism activity, through which farm owners will be encouraged to develop and promote Emirati-led, agri-tourism experiences. Saleh Mohamed Al Geziry added, “As we continue to expand our tourism offerings, we remain committed to ensuring that they are sustainable and authentic, benefitting both our visitors and our local communities.”

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