The Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (ADAFSA) announced that about 1,025 food and agricultural facilities have committed to the self-control system until the end of October. Owners of those businesses have completed self-inspection operations inside their facilities to ensure food safety and agricultural inputs quality.

ADAFSA encourages all food and agricultural facilities running in Abu Dhabi, to utilize its self-control system in conducting remote inspections in cooperation with its inspectors. Earlier, ADAFSA developed a smart app for iOS and Android devices, which enables users to access the needed information to ensure the safety of food and agri inputs. Business operators use the app in conducting self-inspections of all operations within their facilities, to ensure compliance with food safety requirements and the best practices.

Dr. Mariam Hareb Al Suwaidi, Executive Director of ADAFSA’s Control Sector, affirmed the system facilitates ADAFSA’s mission in ensuring food safety throughout the food chain, improving products, services quality, and avoiding food-related incidents.

Through the Self Inspection app, and by making a live video with the business operator, ADAFSA’s inspectors can conduct remote inspection, provide support on self-inspection requirements, and review implementation of corrective actions, Al Suwaidi said.

“ADAFSA seeks to strengthen the responsibility of business operators in reporting food-related risks, which is aligned with the responsibility shared between the public and private sectors to achieve food security and sustainable agricultural sector.”

She added the system is not a substitute for inspection visits carried out by ADAFSA’s inspectors regularly, targeting all food and agricultural facilities in Abu Dhabi, stressing that raising food safety levels is the responsibility of all producers, facilities and community members.

Furthermore, Al Suwaidi indicated the remote control system has proven its great efficiency and importance in conducting inspections and ensuring business continuity during COVID-19 crisis. It contributed to keeping remote communication with food facilities and delivery companies, to follow up their implementation of precautionary measures and ensure food safety.

Al Suwaidi clarified that ADAFSA’s smart services reflect our commitment to Abu Dhabi government goals aimed at enabling digital transformation of government services, to enhance the quality of life in emirate. She added Abu Dhabi government always seeks to develop, support and launch projects to consolidate the emirate’s position as a leading hub for digital innovation at the regional and global levels.

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