Pump your own or pay: Abu Dhabi petrol stations to roll out serving fee 

Flags showing the self service and premium channels at the Adnoc station on Airport Road in Abu Dhabi. Victor Besa / The National

Motorists who elect not to pump their own petrol will be able to try out Adnoc’s premium service for free at selected service stations in the coming weeks.

This month, Adnoc Distribution announced plans for stations to have self-service and premium lanes, whereby drivers would pay a small fee to have an attendant to fill up their cars.

New branding to guide customers is being erected ahead of the move to charge motorists who want an attendant to fill up their tank or else fill up themselves for free.

“During [the] trial period we will be inviting customers to come in and try the options to see which choice best suits their needs,” an Adnoc spokesperson said.

“During the trial we will not be charging customers for the premium service and the self-serve option is free, as it always will be.”

No decision has been taken on how much this premium service will cost or if anything else is included but people with special needs and the elderly are exempt.

It is believed the new system will come into force in the next few weeks at about 40 stations before being rolled out across the network. Staff are already trained in the new system. There will be designated channels and attendants for those wishing to use the self-serve option or premium service.

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