Cruise Mission Made Possible #InAbuDhabi

Film commission finally takes to Instagram to confirm film is shooting

Abu Dhabi Film Commission has finally confirmed what we’ve all known for weeks – Mission Impossible: Fallout is filming in the capital.

The film commission has so far remained stoically silent on the shoot, although members of the cast and crew, including star Tom Cruise and director Christopher McQuarrie haven’t been shy about posting a selection of pictures from the set on social media, including one of a daring aerial stunt performed somewhere over the Abu Dhabi desert, and confirming that the shoot is for the latest in the Mission Impossible spy franchise.

Now at last, Abu Dhabi Film Commission have joined in the social media frenzy, posting a photo of Cruise in full flight suit on Instagram, alongside members of the local film crew supplied by twofour54 Abu Dhabi, and a UAE airforce plane that was used in the shoot in the Abu Dhabi skies.

Cruise and the Mission Impossible: Fallout team are believed to still be shooting the final sections of the Abu Dhabi leg of their schedule, with sources close to the production suggesting that the shoot will wrap in the next few days.

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